• Scuba Refresher

Scuba Refresher

Can't remember exactly when your last dive was?  Been out of the diving circuit for a few years? Diving with a new dive buddy?  Need to brush up your diving skills before your upcoming vacation?

These are all perfect reasons for a Scuba Refresher! 

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The Planet Scuba refresher course is designed to update the skills and knowledge of certified divers. It covers essential topics such as equipment assembly, safety procedures, buoyancy control, and emergency protocols. Our course includes a combination of classroom instruction and confined water practice sessions at either the Casterock Community Center pool or the Cheyenne Mountain High School pool in Colorado Springs. Your training will be directly under the supervision of a qualified instructor or divemaster. This course will boost your confidence, reinforce criticall diving skills, and ensure you are ready dive safely and responsibly.  

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