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Night Diver

The PADI Night Diver specialty course teaches divers the necessary skills and techniques to safely explore the underwater world after sunset. Participants learn about underwater navigation, communication, and nocturnal marine life behavior, enhancing their diving experiences in low-light conditions.


The Night Diver course requires PADI eLearning or the Deep Dive Manual, a flashlight, and 2 dives. The cost of dives, transportation, and lodging at the Blue Hole, or alternate site, is paid separately and is $350 for the Blue Hole in New Mexico.

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The PADI Night Diver specialty course is designed to provide divers with the knowledge and skills required to safely and confidently explore the underwater world during nighttime dives. Through a combination of classroom sessions and practical training dives conducted in low-light conditions, participants learn about dive planning, communication, navigation, and equipment considerations specific to night diving. Emphasis is placed on mastering proper buoyancy control, using dive lights effectively, and observing nocturnal marine life behavior. By the end of the course, divers gain a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and rewards of night diving, allowing them to embark on nocturnal underwater adventures with confidence and safety.

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